Foiag Ahamed Pranto

Founder & CEO at 1to1mentor |  Bestselling Author | Entrepreneur | Content Creator

startup guidelines

Validate your idea, create a solid plan, build a strong team and fund.

1200 BDT

personal finance guidelines

Save regularly, budget wisely, invest smartly, and avoid debt

1000 BDT

personal branding guidelines

Define your value, showcase expertise, and engage more

900 BDT

digital entrepreneurship

Leverage technology, innovate continuously, and scale efficiently.

000 BDT

effective Design process

Helping you design efficient and effective processes

100 BDT

Social Media Design

1 hour session for mastering social media design

150 BDT

Designer Adda (online)

Connecting with designers to inspire and innovate.

Design Meetup (ofline)

Meeting designers to spark creativity and innovation.

Design Principles (ebook)

Master design fundamentals, prioritize user experience

Design Template (PSD)

Master design fundamentals, prioritize user experience


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